What hosting companies say

We have been using Multicraft for our Minecraft server hosting services since day one. Proven reliability and flexibility made it an obvious choice. On top of this, whenever we have any questions or needed customization beyond the included features, we were always promptly helped. As a company that heavily focuses on customer support and experience, it's greatly appreciated. Max - BisectHosting
Since switching to Multicraft it's been nothing but superb. The panel has allowed for effortless scalability while allowing us to add Source games and other types of hosting with the open-source nature of the panel and ability to integrate a multitude of games within the daemon. We have been extremely pleased and would recommend the panel to anyone. Dan Jackson - PebbleHost
Our confidence in Multicraft has never dropped a single ounce, with ElixirNode using Multicraft for years now and more years to come we have not run into a SINGLE issue that was caused by Multicraft. The ability to integrate Java and Bedrock editions as well as run other games is absolutely phenomenal, but what makes Multicraft truly superior to its competitors is its stability and security which is unmatched. We are very happy with Multicraft, kudos! Abdullah A (Sponge) - ElixirNode
Shockbyte has been using Multicraft since 2013, and to date it is still the best Minecraft server control panel on the market.

The most important things to us are security, stability and customizability, and this is exactly what Multicraft provides for us and our customers.

The API allows us to develop our own tools and automations, and the ability to run scripts on the daemon and configure custom server types allow us to further extend the functionality of the panel (such as adding support for other games and applications).

We have hosted tens of thousands of servers on Multicraft and have never experienced any issues in performance.

Daniel is always fast, detailed and helpful when providing any assistance needed.

We are very happy with Multicraft and would highly recommend it to any server owner or server host. Mitch Smith - Shockbyte
Through Multicraft my clients can set up their Minecraft servers very easily, since the panel makes it possible for anyone to open their servers in a few clicks. This is a very powerful tool and I recommend it to everyone! Guilherme Silva - BH Servers
Here at Withernode we are striving to provide our customers with fast, reliable and manageable Minecraft server hosting on enterprise hardware at a low price. We can offer our customers those services by using Multicraft, Multicraft is proven to be reliable, has a wide range of features and gets updated regularly to add even more great new features. Their support is very good and the pricing is certainly worth it. Bas - Withernode
The goal of ReisHost is to offer the best service at the best price, in partnership with Multicraft we can offer the best for our customers, it is a practical and complete panel, everything our customers want! Arthur Barreto - ReisHost
When looking at solutions to satisfy our rigorous requirements, there was no control panel that offered the features, stability and customer service that is offered by Multicraft. Despite many other control panels with promising features, none have been here from the start of Minecraft. After three years of daily use on a mass level, we can confidently say that Multicraft’s functionality, customizability and ease-of-use can’t be beaten and that we recommend this control panel to any individual, clan or company. MelonCube Hosting Team - https://www.meloncube.net/
For CraftandoHosting Multicraft is love, Multicraft is performance! Multicraft saves time for us and our customers, it is simple to configure and use and their support is awesome! Thanks Multicraft for providing this awesome panel! Iago S. - CraftandoHosting
We choose Multicraft for our Minecraft Server hosting service in Australia. No other product offers the same level of powerful functionality with a simple and friendly user interface. The documentation and support is excellent, and everything operates very smoothly. We are really happy with it and highly recommend it to other hosting providers. Sarah-Jane P. - DataGraft Minecraft Servers
Multicraft is by far, hands down the best panel available for Minecraft. Since day one it has proven to be reliable, secure, easy to use, and much, much more. Their team is constantly adding great features and almost always available to offer support. Thank you much!" Hugh - Anvilnode
For us Multicraft has been a very big help. Thanks to Multicraft we can provide to our clients a very successful and complete control panel to use. Also we use WHMCS and the Multicraft Addon so the setup is instant and our customers can play and enjoy the service instantly.

Multicraft is very easy to use and very friendly to new people in Minecraft servers.

For us Multicraft is the best option to go with and is the best solution to our company to offer servers with awesome performance.
John - https://theminecrafthosting.com
I've been using Multicraft for more than a year and before using it searched the Internet for other panels. None are as comprehensive or well structured as Multicraft, the panel is already well established and using other panels has not worked well for what I had in mind.
A support team that really works and replies within 24hrs with clear and working solutions. Multicraft is still very customizable and there is a module for WHMCS. Is there anything else to say? Amazing! Cavaleiroz - https://cookiehosting.net
Multicraft has been a safe bet since day one -- it's easy to use, reliable, and perfectly integrated with WHMCS. Being highly customizable is another a big plus, which helps our company stay competitive in the Minecraft hosting industry. Whether you own a business, a popular network, or a small Minecraft server, Multicraft won't let you down. We have had a great experience so far. Raffaele - Voodoo Servers
When it comes to running a business, automation is crucial. Multicraft allows minecraft server mods more control, options, and flexibility than any other minecraft server control panel we've used. Our customers love the ease of use, and have become familiar with the friendly interface so many of us have grown to love. Multicraft goes without saying, as the best minecraft server software on the market today. Period. We're so thankful that the guys have created it, and can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. Jake - Minecraftserver.net
Multicraft offers everything we need, and we keep being surprised about a lot of functions that we had been preparing to build ourselves, already existing in Multicraft. Pretty much everything is just a well-documented API call away. It's been a blast to work with, and your support is excellent.

Multicraft offers almost a complete soulotion and newer features keeps popping out. There is no greater Minecraft panel than this. We had trouble with other panels before but Multicraft was easy to install and setup. Support is excellent and the prices are too. Martin - FlashHost
The first day we decided to look into Minecraft Hosting we came across Multicraft. Although we have found several competitors since then, not a single one has come close to both the usability and ease of integration that multicraft provides. With excellent documentation and a wide base of users, Multicraft is tested and reliable. There is always something to work on in the Minecraft hosting business but rarely if ever can I say the issue is Multicraft itself. This has opened us up to build our business by letting us focus on making connections with potential customers, not tech support. I don’t know where we would be without Multicraft but I can say it must have been fate finding you that first day. It’s been great ever since. Seth - Apex Minecraft Hosting
We are stoked to be using Multicraft. Not only is it the best Minecraft hosting platform we have come across, but it has also allowed us to focus more on customer satisfaction instead of troubleshooting our backend hosting platform.

The speed and simplicity of the Multicraft software is much better than any other solution we have tried. Users have access to an intuitive interface to manage their server, can select different server software without having to contact support, and can interact with their server in real-time using the console feature.

We save valuable server resources by the continued use of Multicraft and we thank the development team behind Multicraft for providing this all-in-one hosting solution.
Justin Hendryx, Director (Management) - DemonVPS
When I started ExileServers, I was looking for the best control panel to allow users everything in one place; Multicraft is by far the best all-in-one solution to Minecraft hosting. The built in FTP server, WHMCS integration, ability to create servers from the panel, and the ability to connect multiple daemons made it the clear choice! Multicraft's features allowed us to focus on support and sales, rather than the back-end, allowing us to grow and keep clients happy. Thank you to the team who developed Multicraft, it is truly a pleasure to use your products!
Jeff - ExileServers
Multicraft is without a doubt the best control panel that you can get for a Minecraft server, the features built into it allow us to bring our customers the best possible experience that money can buy. The support we have received during our time using Multicraft has been second to none, the staff here are amazing and go out of their way to bring regular updates to the software, to fix bugs and to help you out no matter what the issue. Investing in the Multicraft control panel was the best investment that we have made for our business.
Daniel Sharp - Peak Hosting
The ease of use and customization available with the Multicraft control panel is unbelievable, we have been using it from day 1 in our business and have not regretted a single second of it. The team here are brilliant and I take my hat off to them for doing an amazing job each day. The difference with Multicraft and other control panels out there is that Multicraft listen to their customers - They listen to the needs of the community and they bring out regular updates to their software to suite those needs. We would be lost without Multicraft, and I genuinely salute these guys for making a brilliant piece of software.
Richard I - astral gameservers
Multicraft offers everything we need, and we keep being surprised about a lot of functions that we had been preparing to build ourselves, already existing in Multicraft. Pretty much everything is just a well-documented API call away. It's been a blast to work with, and your support is excellent.
Anders Ekman - DatHost.net
Thank you so much for your awesome product and service.
While creating the foundation of our hosting company we knew that we would need a proper way for users to manage their server. After doing extensive market research we found that the Multicraft control panel not only suited our needs best, but also allowed for custom development which allowed our company to prosper. It has literally been the best decision we made at MCProHosting.
Matthew Salsamendi - MCProHosting LLC
When we started setting up our Minecraft hosting servers, we wanted to make sure we had the best control panel available to our customers. After testing the various options, we found that Multicraft best fit our needs of being both extremely easy to use and offer solid stability. The setup process was a breeze and configuring the server is very straight-forward. The interface is fast and responsive. Multicraft makes it really easy to manage multiple servers from a single control panel. Multicraft is an excellent choice for anyone serious about running a Minecraft server. I highly recommend it.

Thanks again, Nicholas Gagne - MinecraftEdge
Since day one, we've beed using Multicraft to manage our customers servers, create, suspend and delete servers, our customers are really happy to have a control panel that provides a one click plugins installation, a one click backup, and more! they can monitor their servers easily, with no worries.

As for us, we can check the load, the used ram on all servers, close, restart, and stop all servers, with one click only!, and the custom jars just made our customers life much better, they don't have to upload the latest craftbukkit or vanilla to use it with their servers, we just upload one jar to be used for all our customers.
And with the new update, our customers now can easily check their servers using their smart phones, multicraft layout will just fit on that phone!

Sometimes we might be busy, with college, or just not at the office to finish the work, and we can't always complete and set-up the servers for our customers when they order, what if they order at 3AM? Well thats not a problem with WHMCS add-on which allow customers to receive their server in a fraction of a second, just after they pay, WHMCS multicraft add-on will correctly setup the server without any problems, and incase something wrong happened, you ( the host ) will receive an email includes every single detail of the process.

We never tried to get any other control panel for our customers, and we don't even want to get another one, Multicraft is just amazing with what it got, its the complete minecraft server management control panel ever created!

Do you need anything better than that? I don't think so.
Ahmed - Asgard Hosting
We've been using Multicraft for the past 9 months and will be using it for many months to come. The main feature that attracted us was the fact you can have 20+ daemons with 300+ Minecraft servers all connected to one panel without a single drop in performance. Unlike Multicraft's competitors, we can manage every single Minecraft server on one easy to use, stylish interface which greatly aids the speed of our support.

Over the year updates have been steadily coming out, the amazing thing about these updates is the sheer amount of features added in each one & this panel is continually expanding and probably the only panel where I actually can't wait to get my hands on the next update and showing it to customers.

A huge plus side to Multicraft is the customization which we have taken advantage of to match the style of our website. As well as design, you also get access to the source code of the panel which gives you limitless customization of every feature of the panel.

To top it all off, for a very small fee you can get your hands on a very powerful WHMCS add-on which gives 100% automation for game server providers and instant activation for the customers.

Multicraft has been one of the best decisions we have made and I'll be here for as long as possible. Thank you Daniel for the amazing panel and continuous support.
Jonathan Lambert, Managing Director - Host Altitude Limited
We can say nothing more than we are absolutely amazed by the control panel that Daniel has created for common users and hosting providers to manage their Minecraft servers.

Our hosting customers are absolutely pleased with the ease of access, management, and skill it takes to use Multicraft. With the extra time they have from not having to learn how to manage their server from a control panel, our customers have been able to focus on their server and their players.

Multicraft has made server management easy and quick. Instead of us having to deploy configurations and JAR files to every single one of our nodes, we can click just a few buttons and have these configs and JARs deployed within seconds! We can spend more time on support and our customers, rather than having to waste valuable time with transferring files manually.

With almost four months of experience with Multicraft, we have absolutely no regrets about going with Multicraft. Multicraft has made our customers and our teams' lives easier. Thank you, Daniel!
The CubedHost Team - CubedHost
When looking around for a control panel for our customers we considered many choices. We decided upon Multicraft for its clean interface, array of features and excellent pre-sales support. Multicraft has exceeded our expectations and continues to improve with every release. It has made managing servers a breeze for ourselves and our clients. Aftersales support has been exceptional and I would whole heartedly recommend this panel for your needs.
Marc - daddycheese.com
Multicraft is simply an amazing product. We looked into all the web panel interfaces for minecraft servers out there, and deciding to use Multicraft was an easy choice to make. The simplicity of setting up a multi-server system is amazing and our customers love the high level of control that is provided with the panel, as well as it's ease of use.

On top of this, you get the best support I have ever personally experienced. The response to any email sent is incredibly fast, as well as detailed, knowledgable, and always on topic. I cannot stress enough just how incredible the support you receive is.

For the above reasons, the minecraftserver.com.au team could not recommend Multicraft more highly. If you're looking to setup hosting for many users, or even just for your own personal use, there is only one place to go - multicraft.org.
Pete - minecraftserver.com.au
Redstone Hosting was barely out of it's initial launch, and we had a focus for client satisfaction as a #1 priority. Within the first 48 hours we had so many accounts, that it was already becoming such a hassle to manage all the console windows that it was slowing us down from providing top "Notch" ;) quality service. I had known about Multicraft, but didn't expect to need such a great piece of software so quickly, but as it turns out we did. It has helped us manage our server 1000% more efficiently than we were able to before. This has been one of the best purchases we could have made for ourselves and our clients!

You guys are doing great!

10/10 Hands Down. Douglas - redstonehosting.net
When looking around for a Minecraft compatible control panel that would satisfy our customers, Quadeye was very sceptical of running an entirely different system just for Minecraft. Having used TCAdmin for everything else it was felt that running a different piece of software just for Minecraft would be a bad practice to get into. However, we decided to give Multicraft the benefit of the doubt and have never looked back since. Multicraft is quite simply the easiest to use and most feature rich panel out there for Minecraft. The fact that it integrates with our existing billing system (WHMCS) perfectly was also a huge bonus and integration was as easy to setup as the panel itself.

We highly recommend Multicraft for any GSP looking to host Minecraft Servers, it won't hurt your budget or your customer-base.
Brett - quadeye.com.au
When BlackSun was in the evaluation stage of launching minecraft, we looked at several control panels. In the end, Multicraft was the clear choice. Our customers love the system!
We are very thankful to the team at multicraft.org for all of their help with the successful launch of our new site MineCrafthost.ca .
Steve - blacksun.ca
We think that Multicraft is an excellent control panel, The prices are well worth the extensiveness of the product. Any hosts looking to start up and dont want to be bulged down by any hefty for a control panel then I think this would be a great product to use. We currently own a Cloud Licence and we think that its well worth the money we paid for it. Whenever we needed any help with multicraft Dan was always there to help.

10/10 Guys. Ryan - invasionservers.com
Running this control panel with our server hosting company and its awesome.
Customers love it, and its easy to use and setup servers quickly.
After implementing this I won't be going back to anything else.
Nick - molten-servers.com.au
We have absolutly NO issues with this hosting platform. XHOST.CH has outdone themselves on this one not only with the Hosting Solution but the support as well. Our testers/community love it and prefer to use this platform over anything else availble at this time. TGS gives it 2 thumbs up for sure!
Our public servers can be found at the link below if you want to test it out:

This product makes Minecraft hosting fast smooth and simple not only for the provider but for the players as well! Good work, thanks a ton for this.
John - tgservers.com