Flexibility and Scaling

Multicraft is most commonly used in one of the ways described below. Please contact us if you have a different kind of deployment in mind.

  • Simple Installation

    The control panel and the server management software run on the same machine to control any number of Minecraft servers

  • Remote Panel

    The control panel runs on one machine and communicates with the server management software on a different machine

  • Cloud Installation

    A central (possibly load-balanced) panel runs on one machine and communicates with multiple server management software instances distributed over multiple remote machines

What others say

See our long list of customer feedback to find out what our clients say about Multicraft.


Experience a visual preview of the panel in action. Most functionality is disabled in this preview as there are no real servers running behind it.

Your Advantages

In terms of features Multicraft is currently unrivaled (see below) but of course features aren't everything. The following is a comparison of a few of the things Multicraft does better than the competition.

Other Software Multicraft Hosting Platform
Customization Customization is made impossible. Multicraft gives you access to the full front end source code. The daemon is also very flexible and can be configured to work with all kinds of mods and even other games.
Foundation The system uses a heavy and/or unstable framework. Multicraft is lean and mean, only using a few very high performance Python libraries that come with the package. There is no external dependency for the daemon to run.
Community Improvement suggestions are ignored. Multicraft consists to a very large part of user suggested functionality. We listen.
Stability The product reinvents the wheel and has half-working feature implementations. Multicraft makes extensive use of existing and tested technology instead of starting from scratch.
Control Some competitors require you to give them full root access so you can let them control your servers. We think this is unacceptable. Multicraft gives you full control over your machines while still being very easy to use.
Flexibility Every single Minecraft server requires a full installation of the software, which means having a separate webserver per Minecraft server. Multicraft can control thousands of Minecraft servers from one single panel installation. It's of course also possible to have one panel per Minecraft server.
Compatibility Minecraft and mod compatibility depends on low level protocols and breaks with every update. Multicraft is completely independent of changes to Minecraft and it does not need to be updated when a new Minecraft version is released. In fact, you can even manage other games like Terraria with Multicraft.
Security Solutions allowing shared hosting do not separate the servers from each other. Plugins can potentially access other servers files and the panel configuration. Multicraft allows every server to be run as its own system user so the server processes can't interfere with each other. The configuration file is only read on startup and the Multicraft user doesn't have access to it.
Scalability Some systems are fully dependent on a main node to be up at all times. The central database of Multicraft can be clustered and you can have as many panels accessing the database as you like. There is no single point of failure.
Support Slow/unprofessional support Multicraft support is fast accurate and knowledgeable. We have received a lot of praise for the support alone.
Billing Bad interoperability with billing systems or restricted to a single system. Multicraft offers ready made solutions for the Blesta, WHMCS and BoxBilling billing systems. Additionally it features an extensive API that offers all the functions required to easily create your own module or automation solution.


  • Extremely scalable: one panel can control thousands of servers
  • Not just a control panel: It's the most powerful Minecraft hosting platform available
  • Proven solution: in use by hundreds of game server providers
  • Easy mass deployment: fully controllable via an extensive API
  • Unique features: FTP server and client, IP auth & much more
  • Billing integration available (Blesta, WHMCS, BoxBilling, ...)
  • Independent of Minecraft updates
  • Under active development with strong focus on user input
  • Lots of options for customization
  • Slick Ajax driven interface with live log/chat/player list
  • Easily create and manage multiple Minecraft servers (try here )
  • Manage user and player rights per server (try here )
  • Update minecraft from the control panel (try here )
  • Chat with players (try here )
  • Easily kick/ban players using the web frontend
  • Give yourself items ingame or teleport using your player profile (try here )
  • Users can optionally be authenticated by their IP without requiring a login
  • Define custom chat commands (try here )
  • Live server log (try here )
  • Manage Windows and Linux servers at the same time from a single control panel
  • Support for running servers under different system users
  • Integrated plugin manager
  • Dynamic server status banner images
  • Resource usage display
  • Per-user panel language
  • Archive unpack functionality
  • Login brute force protection
  • Usage statistics
  • Periodic auto-save
  • Automatic restart on crash, restart can be requested ingame (via custom commands)
  • Flexible daemon software; can be integrated with other ISP control panels (contact us for integration with the panel you're using)
  • The panel scales to thousands of servers
  • Send Chat broadcasts to all servers
  • Start/stop/restart all servers at once
  • Have a list of all your servers, with direct access to ingame chat
  • Administrative tools to find servers by port, IP, memory, and much more
  • Create a new server with two clicks
  • Manage users and assign global co-administrators
  • Scheduled tasks for regular backups, world saves, server restarts, ingame messages and anything else you can think of
  • Extensive configuration options for both the daemon and the panel
  • Very flexible server executable options, command line and server interface are customizable
  • Give the users the option to chose their server JAR file
  • Optionally keep multiple rotating backups
  • Edit your configuration files directly in the panel
  • Config file editor detects new plugin configuration files automatically
  • Built-in support form
  • Easily change the world a server is using
  • Built-in FTP server
  • Built-in FTP client, access your files directly from the panel
  • Users can optionally be prevented from changing the server name, selecting JAR files or giving FTP access to other users
  • Multi level permission system, allowing fine grained control over command and panel access
  • Access the console and send server commands in the panel
  • Backup worlds and download the backup in your server view
  • Control every aspect of Multicraft using the API
  • Easy one-click suspend/unsuspend feature
  • Modules available for Blesta, WHMCS and BoxBilling, other billing modules on demand
  • Very easy installation on Linux
  • One-click installation version available for Windows
  • Unicode support
  • MOTD functionality
  • Optionally run a server setup script for any kind of additional setup
  • Easy configuration, centralized config files for front- and backend
  • Automatically detects new machines connecting to a control panel
  • Status overview for all daemons
  • Translation support, German translation built-in
  • Theming support
  • Very robust exception handling to not affect servers on critical errors
  • Unobfuscated front end source code, allowing all kinds of customizations
  • Front end installer for easy setup and database initialization
  • Optionally hide the userlist from normal users
  • "My Servers" section to easily access owned servers
  • Total used memory display per daemon
  • Server PID display for superusers
  • Safe "run script" functionality with extensive configuration options