Multicraft Language Packs

LanguageCodeDate Translator
Arabicar2013-06-20DownloadCraft War Company
Chinese (Simplified), 中文(简体)zh2029-02-18DownloadMeowCat Studio(MlgmXyysd)
Chinese, Traditional (繁體中文)zh_tw2017-12-14DownloadNeveark
Czechcz2021-08-17DownloadSzczotka Jaroslav, P. Augustin
Deutsch (German)deIncluded
Dansk (Danish) and Hostio Denmark
Español (Spanish)es2013-10-11DownloadNocturnalGC
Français (French)fr2013-07-20DownloadInulogic / Free-H
Italiano (Italian)it2013-10-28DownloadMaghetto -, Lorenzo - GameHosting Italia
Nederlands (Dutch)nl2012-09-11DownloadCreative Teamspeak Hosting
Português (Portuguese, Brasil)pt_br2016-12-08DownloadMinecraft Brasil
Português (Portuguese, Portugal)pt_pt2011-12-02DownloadHenrique Sousa (English)
Polski (Polish)pl2020-02-05DownloadHectorsky Network Team
Русский (Russian)ru2012-06-14DownloadRecluse
Suomi (Finnish)fi2015-03-19DownloadNet9 Oy
Svenska (Swedish)sv2013-08-23DownloadMinePick Minecraft Servers
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The translation packages have been listed with the permission of the authors mentioned. The packages are provided as is and have not been verified. No warranty or guarantees whatsoever are given by GmbH or
The links to the authors websites are visited at your own risk, they have not been checked by the staff.


Simply extract the downloaded archive into your Multicraft front end directory, preserving the directory structure in the archive. The mc.php of the downloaded language should then be in "protected/messages/LANGUAGE/mc.php".
As soon as this has been done the default language of the panel can be set to the language code of the downloaded archive, and the users can chose their own panel language in their profile.