Multicraft Spotlighted on HostingAdvice

18. December 2023

We're excited to share that Multicraft has been featured in a detailed article by HostingAdvice. This feature offers a closer look at the origins of our control panel software and its role in enhancing the Minecraft server management experience.

Discover more about Multicraft's user-friendly interface, scalability, and our commitment to continuous improvement based on community feedback.

To read the full article and learn more about Multicraft, visit:

A big thank you to HostingAdvice for the feature and to all our users for your continued support and trust in Multicraft

Introducing Our New Website Design

14. November 2023
We're excited to present our website's latest visual update! The redesign reflects Multicraft's commitment to continuous improvement, aiming to deliver the most powerful and flexible hosting solution in a package that's accessible to game server providers and gamers alike.

We invite you to explore the new design and share your thoughts - your feedback is much appreciated!

Multicraft 2.5.0 PREVIEW Release

21. November 2023 UPDATED
Latest build number: 913177 - Updated Nov 21.

In preparation for the 2.5.0 release we are making the latest PREVIEW build of Multicraft available for public testing. This build currently has to be considered experimental.

There have been many changes to lower level systems to improve stability and performance. Among the larger new features are:
- New web FTP client with drag and drop support (enable under Settings - Panel Configuration)
- Tebex integration
- Ability to keep servers running through daemon restarts (Docker only)
- FTP template repository
- ARM64 support
- New daemon parameter to run daemon commands through the command line
- The new Flat theme is now the default
- Added Paper.jar.conf by default

Changelog for 2.5.0-pre7:
- Added FTP template logging for download and caching processes
- Check for FTP extension in installer
- Check for allow_url_fopen in installer
- Fixed color scheme not applying to all pages
- Fixed daemon command timeout issues when servers fail to load
- Fixed error display in Tebex integration
- Fixed issues related to variable expansion
- Fixed issues with extracting zip plugins
- Fixed jar category display issue
- Fixed performance issues when deleting plugins with numerous files
- Fixed potential error 500 in Plugin Browser
- Fixed potential issue with database connection not getting restarted
- Fixed server creation via API without specifying a base directory
- Hide Tebex API key in settings
- Improved PHP8 compatibility
- Improved error handling for API-related errors
- Improved handling of custom plugin directories
- Improved handling of empty arguments in API functions that support array parameters
- Increased minimum PHP version requirement to 5.4
- Moved status banner images to the base web directory for better accessibility
- Return all fields as strings in API for PHP8+ for backward compatibility
Changelog for 2.5.0-pre6:
- Added setting to prevent executables from being selectable in the panel
- Added setting to prevent templates from being selectable in the panel
- Automatically determine script extension for templates
- Changed default Docker image
- Enhanced plugin installer backend for future additions
- Fixed "listSettings" API call
- Fixed PHP 8 related warnings
- Fixed default rm/cp paths
- Fixed issue where certain server types wouldn't start correctly on Windows
- Fixed issue with unassigning a player via the "assignPlayerToUser" API call
- Fixed issues in Demo mode
- Fixed several CSS/HTML validation issues
- Fixed theme color scheme not applying correctly with path URLs
- Fixed warning when creating servers with empty server defaults
- Implemented Tebex integration
- Improved Ctrl+C handling on Windows
- Made "details" parameter optional in "findServers" API call
- Removed external downloader
- Removed redundant column in plugin browser
- Updated included translation files
Changelog for 2.5.0-pre5:
- Added Linux ARM64 build
- Fixed plugin directory creation
- Fixed plugin downloader warning
- Fixed plugin installation timing out during longer downloads
- Fixed warning on page load
- Implemented support for creating new config files
- Implemented support for modpack installation in plugin list
- Improved plugin list and plugin page layout
- Removed minecraft_optimized.jar.conf
- Show installed plugins from all plugin lists
Changelog for 2.5.0-pre4:
- Added Paper as a default JAR
- Added missing parameter for "sendConsoleCommand" API call
- Changed defaults for rm/cp paths to be more compatible
- Fixed CSS preload warning
- Fixed JAR autosave confirmation setting
- Fixed PHP 8.2 related warnings
- Fixed Windows installer not always replacing all files
- Fixed banner generator when theme setting is empty
- Fixed chat role handling in server defaults
- Fixed initial global role assignment when creating a user
- Only change to default config if the setting is non-empty
- Removed unused JavaScript reference
- Updated Yii framework
Changelog for 2.5.0-pre3:
- Implemented accelerated FTP file delete and copy for web FTP client
- Implemented combined flat theme for light and dark layouts
- Implemented config file filter for servers
- Implemented line numbering for FTP file editor/viewer
- Implemented new token authentication for CloudFlare API
- Improved centered theme FTP client layout
- Added documentation for Docker registry settings
- Allow defining longer commands
- Allow embedding status banner
- Allow opening items with invisible names (schedules, commands, etc.)
- Changed default base config name to empty to avoid inheriting vanilla Minecraft config file settings
- Fixed cached password hint for new FTP client
- Fixed classic theme layout issues
- Fixed dark theme modals
- Fixed error when plugin list is empty
- Fixed installer layout with new theme
- Fixed login form layout with new theme
- Fixed singleuser mode config file reloading
- Hide some setting values in log when changing panel config
- Merged existing flat-light and flat-dark themes into new flat theme
- PHP8 fixes
- Updated underlying libraries
Changelog for 2.5.0-pre2:
- Implemented FTP template repository
- Implemented support for Docker registries
- Added missing icons
- Allow replacement commands to use arguments
- Check that stored PID is a multicraft process before preventing startup
- Fixed error handling when using SQLite
- Fixed fullbackup directory creation
- Fixed potential stacktrace on startup
- Fixed potential stacktrace on template setup
- Fixed script command logging
- Fixed server command callback
- Fixed setup script for arm64
- Fixed system encoding detection when using systemd for autostart
- Fixed timing issue with some more advanced parser usage scenarios
- Fixed typos
- Fixed update check disable setting not always applying correctly
- Fixed zip templates
- Removed incompatible spigot parameter
- Updated underlying libraries
Changelog for 2.5.0-pre1:
- Added command line parameter to show current daemon version
- Added new built-in _zip_cwd command for zipping relative to a directory (used in web FTP client)
- Added new settings related to web FTP client
- Added recommended Docker parameters
- Added setting to disable binding all interfaces when using Docker
- Added warning when FTP server is run separately and uses the same log file as the daemon
- Changed default logfile for daemon in FTP separate mode
- Changed default theme to flat-light
- Don't delete full server backups when autodelete is disabled even when total count is over the maximum
- Fail config/jar updates on HTTP errors to prevent corrupting files
- Fixed MLST FTP command
- Fixed race condition that could cause the daemon to lose the database connection
- Fixed race condition when finishing multiple server moves in parallel
- Fixed rare case of the daemon losing connection to a server console
- Fixed server move information dialog interfering with server control buttons
- Fixed stacktrace in launcher
- Forward environment variables to server process when using launcher
- Implemented ability for servers using Docker to keep running when the daemon shuts down and reattach when the daemon   starts
- Implemented ability to send daemon commands through the command line
- Implemented new web FTP client with drag and drop support
- Launcher directory no longer automatically gets chmod/chowned
- Log full command line when running scripts
- Log script errors more clearly
- Log script name in errors related to a specific script
- More clearly mark some warning messages
- Moved main server config changes to after extracting template to avoid overwriting changes
- Performance optimizations
- Show FTP server exceptions as bugs

The preview release is available here:
Linux: Multicraft 2.5.0 Preview 64bit
Linux ARM64: Multicraft 2.5.0 Preview 64bit
Windows all-in-one: Multicraft Standalone 2.5.0 Preview
Windows advanced: Multicraft Advanced 2.5.0 Preview

We appreciate all feedback, bugreports and suggestions. We will also award monetary bounties for certain security critical bugs, please contact us for details if you think you may have found an applicable bug.

Multicraft 2.4.2

8. February 2022
Multicraft version 2.4.2 is a maintenance release with several minor bugfixes over 2.4.1. Upgrading is recommended if any of the listed changes affect your installation.

For large installations we recommend testing the new version with a representative installation using the same system and data as your main installation to ensure that the upgrade on the main installation works as intended.

Please let us know if you have any feedback for this version or if you have feature suggestions for the next releases. We're committed to continuing our time-tested approach of improving Multicraft based mainly on customer feedback.

If you find a security relevant issue with Multicraft we also offer a bug bounty with varying cash rewards depending on the severity of the issue.

SHA256 Checksums
Linux 64bit bdc4c42e278f556499ceb5111cfce974f24e1645d0d05347ec8840b5c02f5603
Windows Installer 2add510d7c62efef98a8565df3ec4dec37b088b1de30cf79e0a7d1464506cd5a
Windows advanced 3b86302737f605289e6217af12b0cc7816bdcd7e7cc01bcb195a3a2e614463c0
Linux ARM 64bit (aarch64) 06ae2de13aa54c737c941a6024f824838b26f00dbddc20fb2ff4e3403b32331c

- Added Linux ARM 64bit build (aarch64, beta)
- Added warning when daemon and FTP log files are identical
- Added more consistent prefix for warning messages
- Changed default FTP log file
- Don't chown/chmod launcher directory on startup
- Fixed FTP server MLST command
- Fixed encoding in default translation file
- Fixed fullbackup directory creation when using custom server base directory names
- Fixed potential stacktrace on startup
- Fixed stacktrace in launcher
- Fixed system encoding detection when using systemd autostart
- Fixed update check disable setting
- Updated several underlying libraries